Infrared Portrait of my Former Muse

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

As I’ve mentioned here several times, there are no “official” subjects for digital IR photography. If you have time, please read Best Subjects for Infrared Photography.’  Some of the photographers profiled in my book, “The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography,” like to shoot people in IR so instead of a humorous post today it’s an infrared portrait my former muse—Tia Stoneman.


A muse is defined as a “woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.” For many years Tia inspired me and you’ve seen her photographs on my former blog and in my books but she has retired from modeling to concentrate on raising her children. (If you know of any models or aspiring models or just women who would like to become my muse, please have them Contact me.)

The above image is how some infrared images look coming SOOC (with a few minor tweaks) so not all IR images have a magenta cast, sometimes they look blue. To see what it looks like as I traditional black & white infrared image, I processed the below photograph in Silver Efex Pro. Which one do you like best? I can’t make up my mind.


I’ve found that Life Pixel does a great job with IR conversions and they have done conversions for my Canon DSLRs as well as Panasonic Lumix G-series cameras including a GX1 that I am currently having converted using their new Hyper Color conversion. Look for an update when I get the camera back and shoot some images with it

IR.bookMy book, The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography, is out-of-print but used copies are available from Amazon for $7.99 as I write this Creative Digital Monochrome Effects has a chapter on IR photography and is available used from Amazon for $3.00. Copies of both make a nice gift for an infrared shooting friend or yourself.