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For just such an occasion

I sometimes receive invitations to speak to organizations and at events I’ve prepared this page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions:


The details

Where are you located?

I live in Colorado, 25 miles south of Denver and about halfway between the city and Colorado Springs.

Do you travel to other states to present workshops?

Yes, I’ve made presentations at national and state conventions for the Professional Photographers of America in Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. I’ve conducted workshops for Shutterbug and Popular Photography magazines in California, Florida, Montana and New Mexico and taught workshops at FOTOfusion, the Palm Beach Photographic Center and the New England Council of Camera Clubs’ annual event in Amherst, MA.

A few more points

Additional Information

Won’t your book or magazine publisher cover travel expenses for speaking engagements?

No and they never have. Book publishers may do that for Stephen King but not me.

If we let you to sell your books at the event will you give us a lower fee?

You might be surprised to learn that the publisher of my last four books sells them to me for within a dollar of what Amazon will sell them to you and you might get free shipping from Amazon, something the publisher does not offer me.

What do you charge?

My fee is based on the type of program requested, it’s running time and where the event will take place. Please click the Contact and tell me about your requirements and I’ll email you a quote. Please keep in mind that your organization needs to cover all of my expense for out-of-state travel and accommodations but many groups find sponsors that will offset these costs. Unlike some photographers that present programs, I don’t have personal sponsors. The ads you see on my websites/blogs don’t even cover their out-of-pocket costs of operation.

Are you available as a judge for photo competitions?

Because of past, sad to say bad, experiences, I am no longer judging print/slide/image competitions in person or on-line. For amateur or aspiring pros I think face-to-face critiques and portfolio reviews are more helpful for improving a person’s photography. That’s why I offer in-person mentoring sessions as well as charity portfolio reviews during the holidays.