With photography a new language has been

created. Now for the first time it is possible to express reality by reality.—Ernst Haas


At a time when everybody who writes a blog is an expert, I’ve have been writing about photography, cameras and studio lighting since 1981 and digital photography since 1989. I’m passionate about photography and if you would like to get photo tips from around the Web, follow me on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. There you’ll get a peek at my personal work and other stuff I’m interested in. If you like automobiles, you can visit my car photography and read a related blog at JoeFaraceShootsCars.com.

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I strongly believe that photographers should use whatever kind of camera—DSLR or mirrorless they like and can afford. Personally I’m a thrifty shopper and many of the cameras that I use everyday were purchased as either used or as “refurbs.”

Over the years photographers have asked me about the kind of gear I use and this page is my answer for them and anyone else that’s interested. I tend keep most of my gear in specific bags so that I can grab one, two or three bags and go.

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