I believe photographers should use whatever kind of camera—DSLR or mirrorless—that they like and can afford. I’m a thrifty shopper and many of the cameras that I use everyday were purchased used or as “refurbs,” but over the years photographers have asked me what kind of gear I use and this page is my answer. Tip: I keep most of my gear in specific bags so that I can grab one, two or three bags and go. I also keep chargers for each of the cameras in each backpack.

manfrotto-tripod I keep most of my gear in backpacks bags so when I want to shoot, I can grab one, two or more bags and just go.

Inside a Joe Farace Classic Reporter Backpack you’ll find:

Inside Think Tank Photo’s Airport Accelerator you’ll find:





My Mirrorless gear includes:



My book, The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography is currently out-of-print but used copies are available from Amazon for under $10. Creative Digital Monochrome Effects has a chapter on IR photography and is available from Amazon with new copies under $3 and used copies less than five bucks. You can buy’em both and have enough money left for a tall one at Starbucks.