Looking for Models for the Blog

by | Feb 15, 2020

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

I am currently looking for female models or aspiring models to pose for TFP shoots that will be used here on my blog as well as for paid shoots for clients. Women should be from  21-49 years of age of any size and any ethnicity. No experience is necessary, All that’s needed is an open minded attitude and an interest in having some fun.

The photographs we’ll make will be similar to the featured image and others that you see scattered throughout this blog. The images will be used to illustrate posts or how-to articles about cameras, lenses and lighting systems to demonstrate how the equipment works and show the kind of results they can produce.

If you’ve ever visited this website/Blog you already know that I am ethical, honest and have been photographing models for publication for more that 25 years. I don’t make any claims or promises that I don’t expect to keep. Many of the women that I’ve photographed have appeared on magazine covers and hundreds of the models I’ve photographed have appeared in magazine articles as well as in books.

Modeling for commercial photo assignments will be paid an hourly rate that’s based on the model’s experience and the type of assignment. Models for print publications or TFP shoots will receive her choice of a CD or flash drive containing all of the 200-300 images from the day’s shoot immediately after the photo session, no waiting. The model also receives all of the rights to use any and all of the photographs as they wish, including re-selling them.

Shoots typically run two hours long and are scheduled during the day Monday through Friday with the occasional Saturday, depending on my and the model’s schedule. Shoots are held at my home studio that is located in a nice and quiet neighborhood near Parker, Colorado.

If you would like to be a model, have any questions or would like to schedule an interview at a convenient Starbucks (my treat) or have a test shoot, please click the Contact button and let me know.