The original title of Posing for Portrait & Glamour Photography was ‘The ABC’s of Portrait Posing,’ which explains its true focus. Beginning with the basics of body, hand and head posing, the book offers techniques you can use to enhance a subject’s appeal while minimizing concerns they might have about their appearance. In its pages, I work with subjects ranging in age from 18 to their late 40s, for a variety of looks and figure types demonstrating the effect of careful but natural posing using the kind of subjects that photographers are likely to encounter in their professional lives. You can order a copy from Amazon HERE.


studio lighting, speedlightsStudio Lighting Anywhere presents a streamlined approach to producing studio-quality images, including everything from backdrops to studio lighting equipment and reflectors. The book shows how to select the gear that produces the most value along with techniques on using it to make portraits in minimal shooting space, such as a basement or garage. The book includes techniques for using speedlights as well as inexpensive studio lighting gear to create great looking lighting. Lessons include a comparison of classic lighting effects, post-production walk-through and tips on troubleshooting common challenges. You can order a copy HERE.


glamour photography, speedlights, studio lightingJoe Farace’s Glamour Photography. This book is about using the minimum amount of lighting equipment along with maximizing shooting space while showing how to shoot glamour portraits under all kinds of available light situations. Working with amateur and professional models I offer easy-to-follow instructions for using lighting modifiers and natural light and adapting them to work in any location. Beginning and aspiring pros looking to diversify their work and professional photographers seeking fresh ideas will find an lots of information too. You can order a copy HERE.


The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography shows you how to shoot infrared with a digital camera and makes it possible to create distinctively dreamlike, high-contrast black-and-white pictures. The book is out-of-print but used copies are available from Amazon at less than twelve bucks. Creative Digital Monochrome Effects has a chapter on IR photography and is available from Amazon with used copies are available HERE at giveaway prices.


glamour photographyAvailable Light Glamour Photography presents every aspect of using available light to create glamour and boudoir portraits. Starting with reasons to rely on available light—it’s cheap, requiring no electric lighting equipment—the book goes on to describe proper exposure for different settings, ways to reinforce existing light by using reflectors, and includes information on the subtle use of speedlights. Natural light presents significant challenges for photographers but the tips in the book will streamline the process. You can order a copy HERE.