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Today’s post by Joe Farace

At the suggestion of one of this blog’s readers, we added a section called “Top Posts & Pages” to the right-hand column. The idea behind it was that anyone new to the blog, would be able to see the most popular five or six posts and use it to catch up with what’s been going on here. The tabulation for most popular posts is done automatically by the site’s software; I’m not physically counting page views.

Last Thursday almost all of the Top Posts were about portraiture. The post on my photographic bucket List even included one portrait-related item, so who knows. Now it’s quite possible this ranking is because many of these posts featured photographs of pretty women, so maybe that’s part of their popularity. I prefer to think these posts are popular because the subject matter interests the blog’s readership.

So for a short while, I’ll be adding a few more posts about portraiture and studio lighting featuring examples from classic to glamour to boudoir. In these posts, I’ll be sharing all of the tips, tools and techniques that I use to create these photographs and will try my best to keep it interesting.

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How I made this shot: Lighting for this homage to Harold Gray‘s Little Orphan Annie was made using a Dynalite SP2000 power pack with a four-head setup.

The main light was at camera right with a 54 x 72-inch Chimera Pro II Softbox attached, fill was provided by a 21 x 84-inch Chimera Pro II Strip Softbox at camera left, the hair light used a 24 x 32-inch Chimera Pro II Softbox and instead of a background light, the fourth head was aimed at the subject’s back to backlight her hair.

Background was an old (lost in the flood) muslin backdrop. Camera used was a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and my old favorite EF 85mm f/1.8 lens with an exposure of 1/80 sec at f 9 and ISO 100.

PS: Sharp-eyed readers will notice that Victoria’s sweater was originally blue, but I used Photoshop to change it to a more Little Orphan Annie red. If anyone’s interested I can write a post showing how I did that; just click on Contact and ask.

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