My Thanksgiving Wishes Today

by | Nov 28, 2019

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Thanksgiving in North America came from European and Native American traditions as a time for people to rejoice after a hard day’s work.

The World Wide Web is a way that we can share our thoughts and images with others, no matter where they may be on this planet. Over the years I’ve made some great friends, some of whom I would have never have known except for the Internet, such as Mark Kalan in Mexico, Ralph Nelson in Santa Monica, Juan Pablo Assus in Columbia and John Larsen in Canada. And so today I also want to take this day to give thanks to some people here in Colorado, starting with…

Thanks go out to Barry Staver for his continued friendship over photography and LEGO as well as the inspiration that his images have always given me. Thanks to Cliff Lawson an amazingly gifted portrait photographer for the time we share together laughing and learning about life, cars and photography. Thanks to Jamie Zartman for being my friend. He lives 200 miles away so I don’t see him as often as these other guys but he’s always in my thoughts. Thanks to Todd Abbotts for being a friend. He only lives 22 miles away but is a seriously travelin’ man. It’s always a fun time when we get together.

Thanks to Kevin Elliott whose calm measured response to my panic at whatever computer crisis arises and for his skills and talents that always rescued the day. A big thank you goes out to Tim Fiedler for his hard work in shaping this blog and my other websites and blogs. He’s a talented computer/software/web genius, an inventive photographer and just plain good guy.

Thanks to all the sponsors on the right hand side of this page. Without their great products and support it would be hard for me to try to Save the World, One Pixel at a Time. Thanks to all the Shutterbug readers and readers of this blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram followers for hanging in there with me over the years. Your loyalty and support help me write these posts.

And finally finally a special thanks to my wife, Mary who makes me happy every day of my life by showing how much she cares and inspiring me to be the very best version of myself. When I met her more than thirty-eight years ago I could never guess at what our life would become, the travels we would have and the photographs and memories that we would create together. She is a shining beacon of what being a truly kind person is all about and by her actions and example have shown me how to be the person that I try to be. I only hope to live long enough to become that kind of person that she is.