Resolutions: Try Keeping Them Next Year

by | Dec 31, 2018

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

In the holiday spirit, I’d like to present a few photography business-related resolution that you might try keeping for 2019.

  1. Send regular marketing mailings to your existing as well as potential clients. Don’t have a list? Make building a mailing list Job One for next year.
  2. Since clients like to deal with people they know, communications will be the key to success in the new year. See how communications technologies (social media?, maybe maybe not) can help your operation but don’t ignore any of the old ones.
  3. Don’t just do it for the money. Take some of your success and use it help others. You can donate a product or service to a charitable auction or physically get involved with a charity that speaks to you.
  4. This year, you’ve got to get organized. One of Farace’s immutable laws is that you never have enough desk, office, wall or (fill in your favorite) space. Parkinson once stated that work expands to fill the time allocated to it, the same might be said about workspace.
  5. Join a networking group, it could be your local Internet Chamber of Commerce or just one of the many lead groups out there. My pal, Barry Staver joined a local videographers group to help improve his video shooting. Being an independent photographer can be lonely and interaction with other human beings is good for the soul.

As the clock ticks past midnight and open bottles of champagne are sitting in ice buckets, look back at what you did in the past year. Too often we take our accomplishments for granted—as if they were always there—and forget how hard we worked to achieve them. Then look forward toward this new year with hopes it will be even better that the last.

Happy New Year from Mary and I.