Improving Your Photography Business in 2020

by | Jan 1, 2020

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

I haven’t written any business-oriented posts in some time but I know that many readers of this blog and my articles and columns in the print editions of Shutterbug are aspiring professionals. In the holiday spirit, I’d like to present a few business-related tips that you might try keeping during this New Year.

  1. Send regular marketing mailings to existing and potential clients. Don’t have a list? Make building a mailing list Job One for the new year.
  2. Since clients like to deal with people they know, communications will be the key to success in 2020 While e-mail mailing can be annoying to some clients or potential clients, take a look at Constant Contact and try it—sparingly. Look at how these kind of communications technologies can help your operation but don’t ignore any of the old ones, like direct mail.
  3. Don’t just do it for the money. Take some of your success and help others. You can donate a product or service to a charitable auction or pitch in and help feed homeless people at a shelter.
  4. This year, you’ve got to get organized. One of Farace’s immutable laws is that you never have enough desk, office, wall, or (fill in your favorite) space. Parkinson once stated that work expands to fill the time allocated to it, the same might be said about workspace.
  5. Join a networking group, it could be your local Internet Chamber of Commerce or just one of the many lead groups out there. Being an independent photographer can be lonely and interaction with other human beings is good for the soul and could generate some new business.

As the clock ticks toward midnight and champagne is cooling in the buckets, look back at what you did in the past year. Too often we take our accomplishments for granted—as if they were always there—and forget how hard that we worked to achieve them. Then look forward toward this new millennium with hopes it will be even better. Happy New Year.


This post contains some excerpts from my next book, subtitled A Life In Photography. The book will be a combination of autobiography and guide to the business of photography. In short it’s about about learning to be successful by avoiding all of my mistakes. Thanks to help from noted author and my former Photomethods editor, John Hamilton, it is scheduled to be published real soon now.