A Daisy Hill Anniversary

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Today we veer away from photography a bit and get a little personal…

People often ask me, “where is Daisy Hill?” Our house sits on a small hill that I named Daisy Hill as a homage to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm where Snoopy and his siblings lived until they were sold to their owners. It was first referred to in the May 4, 1965 Peanuts strip.  My Daisy Hill sits on a small, lightly wooded lot in a 10-sq mile community that’s about 25 miles south of Denver that, as of the 2000 census, included 2,363 households.

Seven years ago today, Mary and I moved here from a rural community north of Denver, a distance of about 50 miles from Daisy Hill traveling via the E470 toll road. The (self portrait) photograph of us in our living room (above) was made this same date seven years ago after we got keys to the home. The three tone Mondrian paint scheme behind us was one of the first things to go replaced by the light tan covering the rest of the room.

One of the many things the new house offered was a newer, nicer but not necessarily larger office. But it has two windows and a glass door that lets me see the outside world and catch a glimpse of the mountains in the distance. Instead of shooting in an unfinished basement next to the furnace and my model train layout like I did in my old house, I now have a dedicated 11×15 studio space. The work room in the basement, near my studio, has only been partly successful. Originally conceived as an image, book and magazine archive as well place to make fine art prints, the used large format printer I purchased ended up being more trouble than it was worth. I hope in the future, “when my ships come in,” that I can get a new printer to make fine art prints.

Since many people have written asking about my model train layout that was often featured in Shutterbug, here’s an update: My original basement layout was large—16 feet long—and I’ve been without a layout in the new house until November 2016. Because of my newfound interest in LEGO, the new, smaller layout includes Lionel, K-Line and LEGO trains. If you follow me on Instagram (@joefarace) I often post images and videos of its progress.

If you think that I’m happy here on Daisy Hill that is an understatement, I am deliriously happy. But Mary keeps talking about moving to warmer climes (It snowed here the day I was writing this and it’s cold) so ya never know…



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