A LensPen Valentine’s Giveaway

by | Jan 29, 2021

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

From today until Valentine’s Day we are accepting entries for a LensPen giveaway because we think everybody can use some love during these times.

How I made this shot: The vivacious Pam Simpson looks great wearing red. She really pops out when photographed in my 11×15-foot home studio against a Savage Focus Grey seamless paper backdrop hung from my old falling apart JTL background stands. Lighting for this shot could not be simpler: The one-light set-up uses an 60-inch white parabolic umbrella that was mounted in shoot-through mode on a Bowens monolight used as the key light and placed at camera right. A 30-inch Westcott Basic 5-in-1 Sunlight reflector is at camera left serving as fill.

Here’s the prize—

LensPen packaged their most popular lens and sensor cleaning products into a Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle that includes everything you need to clean lenses, eyepieces, filters and a camera’s sensor. And we’re giving away this $55.95 kit to one lucky reader of this blog. The Bundle includes:

  • DSLR Pro Kit includes an Original LensPen to clean lenses, a FilterKlear for filters and a MicroPro for eyepieces/viewfinders. They all feature a natural brush to remove loose dust on one end and a carbon-infused cleaning tip to remove smudges on the other. The soft microfiber storage pouch can even be used to clean the camera body.
  • SensorKlear II is a LensPen specially engineered to clean sensors. Its articulating tip should reach every corner of a sensor and the carbon in the cleaning tip picks up any dust specks.
  • Hurricane Blower produces blasts of air that will safely clean sensitive surfaces, including lenses, filters and camera sensors.

All of the tools in the Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle are environmentally friendly and work great in any weather condition, from hot to cold.

Here’s all you have to do to win the LensPen Bundle: Click the Contact button above and complete the form with the message “I want to win the LensPen Bundle.” You can cut and paste those words into the form if you like. Be sure to include your name, city and state (for reasons stated in the fine print.) The Deadline for entry is February 15, 2021 at Midnight Mountain Standard time. The way the drawing will be held is that I will print, then cut all of the emails into small slips, fold them and place them in a hat. Mary will draw the winner. None of the names will be recorded, filed or used in any way other than for this contest. Your privacy is as important to me as mine is to me.

Fine Print: Previous winners of any contest on this or my car photography site are not eligible. Entries are limited to readers living in the conterminous (lower 48) United States. (LensPen may have donated the prize but I have to pay for shipping.)